Sony’s 4K on Z5 Premium only explained

Sony Xperia Z5 Family

Sony however has a history to go out at the annual announcement at IFA event but we can expect it to have set something different this season with its Z5 family. After the overheating incidence with its last flagship phone, the manufacturer wanted to move the attention of its fans from the incident. So, it used the new Z5 Premium with its 4K display for the trick.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

However, only a few days after the phone was made official the first accusations started coming out that the phone isn’t 100% sincere about its 4K resolution. When checked thoroughly, it was found that all the 8 million or so pixels are present there but still the user interface of the device was using them to display the appropriate UHD media and otherwise running at 1080 pixels resolution.

Well, the mystery is solved with a per need 4K being the best way to go around. Sony has used a 5.5 inch UHD display in this smartphone which it believes to be a wild concept on its part, but the OEM had to be careful and should not go overboard with it. The pixels might be available there but the Snapdragon 810 chipset inside the device along with the Adreno 430 graphics processor isn’t really designed to constantly work with such resolution.

On the other hand, the silicon is capable of playing safe with the content but doing it all the time can overheat the phone and can put a major effect on the battery. Sony can’t afford either for some obvious reasons and the Z5 Premium on the other hand is marketed as having upto 2 days of battery life like its siblings Z5 and Z5 compact.

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