Samsung to bring microSD support for Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM

Rumors have been rocking in the past weeks between microSD support and lack of a card slot for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, Samsung has already made a decision over it but we are still relying on the word of mouth. Now, a report has come from Taiwan which claims that the dual SIM version of the upcoming phone will get microSD support from the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
interactive image not actual phone

Samsung will implement the feature in a way where the microSD card will share the slot with the dual SIM. However, this is not a good option if the user needs to use dual SIM cards. On the other hand, single SIM users will be able to enjoy the memory expansion. One possibility is that the dual SIM versions of the flagships are reserved for only specific markets, so you might need to resort to non-official channels to acquire one.

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