Challenge for Blackberry


After reporting loss, Blackberry has come up with new and first handset with Android operating system. The device named as Blackberry Priv. Chen, CEO of blackberry  said blackberry will continue to sell handsets. He admits that by next year the companies have to make the device business profitable.

According to verge, Chen said that blackberry has to sell around 5 millions handset to make the business profitable.


Chen even said that the firm will stop making handsets if they fail to sell five million devices in a year. According to youGov, 45 % of blackberry users switched to Android and 33 % o iOS. Hopes are there that as blackberry has added Android now the user may again switch to blackberry.

Feldman said that, An android Blackberry may increase the sale of blackberry and user may switch to Android based handsets. Let’s wait and see will Priv help the Blackberry Company to Survive. Blackberry Priv will release end of this year.

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