Samsung might launch Galaxy S7 in January

Samsung S7

According to a new report, out from Samsung’s home country South Korea, the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled in January. Since, the predecessors Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were unveiled in March, this means the Galaxy S7 is going to be announced atleast a month early. It is reported that Samsung expects this smartphone to stand as a competition for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7

As pre rumors, there will be a premium and sub-premium verison of the smartphone and the designs were already finalized in September. Also, the Exynos chipset will house the processor and modem on a single chip, while on the other hand the sub-premium handset wll be on different dies. The S0C chipset with Exynos M1 was recently benchmarked, but that is not 100% certain as the past numbers got it in the second half of next year.

Previous leaks also revealed three different chipset variants employed by the Galaxy S7 version. There will be a 3D Touch feature and USB Type C Port as well.

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