New emoji and News with iOS 9.1


Apple has come with its latest update of iOS9.1. The new update fixes the bug. iOS 9.1 update will make the experience of iPhone and iPad users better. There will be new emiji and new smileys to see and will be having fun while using them.

Now the user can even tweak the photos clicked by iphone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. The new update will make the camera app to work in a better manner and it will even allow the device to save the things you required the most.

From setting app user now switch off photos for contacts. Apple has released its beta version of iOS9.1 probable month ago.

Now Apple news is also a part of iOS 9.1. User will get all the information at one place. Need to look at other sites will be not required. iOS 9.1 is available for compatible devices.

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