HTC Might cut back on phones, spending and jobs


If we look at the current position of HTC, it requires doing more than just unveiling new phone. Since, it’s announced by the CEO Cher Wang that the Taiwanese maker is thinking upon redesigning its flagship phones, the fans are hoping it to be a true hero. Thus, we can expect the upcoming HTC Aero to be fully spec’d and be able to rescue the maker from the financial crisis its facing.

HTC Aero

With the value of the company coming down every year, it has become a necessity for HTC to come with a plan which will increase its current market share. CFO, Chialin Chang confirmed via a press conference that HTC will be cutting back on three things: spending will be cut along with jobs and the number of the smartphone models will be cut. Adding to his statement, he said that jobs will be cut significantly across the board.

According to the rumors, HTC has squeezed from both the ends this year. At the top lie the phones from Samsung namely Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, while on the bottom are the Chinese low cost handsets.

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