Improve your Maths using your Smartphone

Android Apps

Learning maths can be quite daunting and stressful but in the past few years we have come across a plethora of great applications and educational resources that have popped up online. When we are at school, we were allowed to use calculators for simple calculations. The effect of what is still live in me as I sometimes become lazy and use calculator but on the other hand students these days are more intelligent and find out a way to solve the things out. Some of the applications available across the Windows, Android, iOS devices are:

Android Applications

Doodle Maths:

This app is available for both the android and iPhone devices in both 7 to 11 version and kids for more than 12 years of age. This is a great way to make your child learn the simple ways to do calculations. There is also a local version available for the UK customers. It will help you boost your confidence by identifying the strengths and weaknesses. There are some in-app purchases which you should aware of but the app is perfect as it’s designed by the teachers themselves.

Operation Math:

Operation Math includes 100 special times mathematical missions which will help you in improving your ability to add, subtract, multiple and divide. It is a perfect app to supplement classroom learning of your child. This neat mathematical app will also help you learn from your mistakes and advices you when you get something done wrong.

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