Blackberry Priv may elevate the sale

Blackberry Priv

As we all know that Blackberry has come up with its latest device named as Blackberry Priv. This new device has all the latest features of Google Android. The device might bring up the sale according to the rumors.

This device features both slide out and touch keyboard. It is the first blackberry Device which runs on Android Lollipop operating system. Last year as company updated its software to 10.2 which actually allows the access of various Android app and it was really liked by the user. Therefore now company comes up with a Blackberry Priv which totally runs the system fully.

the-blackberry-privBlackberry Priv is smart device it has 5.4 inches of display. The device has powerful 18 megapixels of primary camera with optical image stabilization. It really brings out blur free pictures and even bright and natural one. It even has in built security feature hub and blend.

Company have a hope that this new combination will bring back blackberry users who has been switched to other devices. Let’s wait and watch how fortunate will this device prove for Blackberry Company???

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