Apple sued Once again

Apple sued

Once again iOS9 has created a problem for Apple Company. Wifi Assits is a new feature in iOS9 update. It actually switches to mobile data signals when Wi fi signals are really slow. The main purpose of this feature is to avoid interruption, so that the user will able to finish or follow the work hassle free.

But, the problem begins when the Wifi Assist use the mobile data without providing any notification to the user and the results come up as high bills. It has also been claimed by the users that the Apple didn’t explain how this wifi Assist will work.

Therefore Apple even admits that they will pay the bills of affected users. The lawsuit and Apple has argued about the explanation how to use Wifi Assist page has plenty of knowledge for iPhone and iPad users.

Before Apple had pay to Wisconsin University for the patents of A8 chipsets and Now apple is sued by California couple and liable to pay $5 millions of damage.

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