HTC One A9 to Rise in Price


HTC one A9 is Taiwanese invention. HTC one A9 is a recently launched in the market. The device is appreciated by the users a lot. But after a week of sales the company now decided to hike the price of the device.

In UK now the device will cost around 429 pounds which used to be 260 pounds across .company has even decided to increase the price of the device in Unite States as well. It means that now HTC One A9 will cost $499 from November.
HTC Company said that initially the cost of the device was low because of promotional offer.

The offer was for limited time period actually. HTC One A9 has 13 megapixels of camera with latest Android Marshmallow operating system. It has been also claimed that the latest HTC One A9 device is a look alike of iPhone .

Let’s wait and watch how the hike in price of the device will be taken by the consumers.

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