Apple Sale Rises

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Apple sale is increasing undoubtedly with the increase in number of devices. This smart phone is really awaited by the people.

According to the latest financial figures of The Cupertino Company smartphone the sale of iPhone will be setting new records by the end of the year.

Last year Apple sold around 39 millions of handset, but this year apple has sold around 48 million of iPhone handset. Apple new handsets iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus have not considered in the count as they were not on sale till 26 of September.
Moreover Apple has not aware about how many iPhone handsets will sell between October and December in current year, but at the same it has been forecast the revenue of $77.8 billion for the quarter.

Apple has almost achieved 70% of pre Christmas revenue in last year. So, unbelievable sale is expected.

Let’s wait and watch how much rise will take place in iPhone products.

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