Nokia might launch new Android Smartphones in 2016

Nokia Lumia

Nokia is already hiring people to make a return to its smartphone hardware business by the end of 2016. When it was taken over by Microsoft, we supposed that Nokia might ditch its smartphone manufacturing business and might concentrate on its software and telecom gigs. But now there are reports that the company is looking forward to produce new mobile phones.

Nokia Smartphone

Currently, the company is busy with rounds of job advertisements it is putting. As per Reuters, Nokia Technologies California division has put a number of job ads on LinkedIn, asking for the Android engineers and other product development specialists. This could be true as the company has already dipped its toes into Google’s OS with the likes of Z Launcher and Android ports of popular services.

With all the above mentioned reports flashing, we can expect Nokia to come back in the smartphone business by next year. There are some contractual obligations with the parent company which don’t allow the manufacturer to launch any new products until December 2016.

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