LG confirmed mobile payment platform for next month

LG phone

Mobile payments are becoming quite popular with several platforms out and another one from the company on the way. Now, there are reports that LG is also planning a mobile payment platform to be released by next month. The news came out from The Korean Times, which reveals that this mobile payment platform is the all new thing from the manufacturer.

LG mobile payment scheme

As per reports, the Korea giant is making deals with some of the major credit card companies in South Korea before it launches the service. Currently, there are no details on the official name of the feature and its launch date.

Also, it is revealed that the company might only use NFC or also MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission like Samsung Pay). It will be quite difficult for LG to gain traction with a mobile payment service among the already available giants Apple, Samsung and Google. All of the three are offering their own payment service, but we can expect LG to be popular as well because the market is in its infancy presently.

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