Apple iPhone 6S Leaks and Rumors

According to analyst Ming chi Kuo iPhone 6s expected to have 12 megapixels camera resolution and 8 megapixels of front camera and video recording expected to be at 4k.

IPhone 6s a most awaiting phone by apple is about to launch somewhere in September 2015. News related to new add on features in IPhone 6s is leaked out and it has a similar look like iPhone 6.

The device could be taller and thicker than iPhone 6. IPhone 6s could be strong, attractive aluminium design. Internal enhancement will be there. There could be three models iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6c or iPhone mini.

The iPhone 6s front panel could be like iPhone 6. There must be some amazing improved features which apple has added in a device like an A9 processor, Increased RAM (about 2GB), improved battery, force touch, improved touch ID.

iPhone 6s could be like phablet and slightly thick in size. This device may have even 14 karat gold edition model to watch to high end apple watch.
Next iPhone 6s could contain QUALCOMM processor, 9X35 gobichip, which will offer significant improvement.

Extended battery life. The processor will be same A8, a 64 bit dual core processor. Powerful processor, which delivers excellent performance.

Combination of A9 processor with 2 GB RAM will deliver a considerable bump to power and speed as compared to other iphones.

This iPhone could have a USB-C cable for charging and the user could charge his phone through watch too.

On the top the device may have PROJECT PHIRE a latest version of gorilla glass material to save device from scratches.

Some updates are still unveiled like iOS 9 Apple. According to World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) the iPhone 6s will come with preloaded iOS9.

The Telegraph says that Apple pay will launch in two months.

Apple asked its supplier to produce record breaking 85-90 million units of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus by the end of the year.

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