Apple iPhone 7 might feature 256 GB internal storage

Apple is planning to boost the internal storage capacity for its iPhone 7, and the rumors claim of a 256 GB model in the works. According to a Chinese website, Apple will also improve up on the battery of its upcoming smartphone.

It is revealed that the battery in iPhone 7 will be around 3,100 mAh in comparison to the 2,750 mAh which was packed in the iPhone 6S model from last year. This will enable the users to use this battery for longer hours than was previously possible.

Apple iPhone 7

However, these rumors should not be taken as appropriate as they are sourced from a company which has a track record of revealing Apple’s plans not actually 100% accurate. In our view, adding larger storage and a bigger battery will make the upcoming flagship phone more bulky and will make it less pleasing to look at. Also, we know it clearly the looks of an iPhone is something where Apple does not want to compromise.

The Chief Design Officer of the company has said it regularly that an iPhone runs low in its power only otherwise it is an alluring device to use. Apple is been offering the similar storage options, 16GB, 32GB and 128GB for past two years now. And the smallest and cheapest iPhone with a customer is left with no space very easily as the apps are becoming larger these days. We can expect the iPhone 7 to be released in autumn, which will be featuring an ultra slim design, full waterproofing and a single lightning connector for headphones and charging.


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