LG G5 revealed via an user agent profile

LG V10

According to a HTTP user agent, a new device from LG is surfaced online. This user agent has revealed the model number and operating system carried by this phone. It is clear from the screenshot below, that this upcoming phone from the Korean giant will carry model number LG H830.


LG G4 is the current flagship phone of the company and carries LG H810, LG H811, LG H812 and LG H815 model numbers. Thus, we can assume that the model number in question is for the upcoming flagship phone of the company. Also, the reports reveal that this smartphone will run on the latest mobile operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow of the company.

The new LG G5 phone has been under rumors until now and its possible design and specs are revealed so far. Now, there are reports that this device will be made official at the pre MWC press event of the company on 21st February. There are reports that the Korean giant has already sent out the invitations for its press conference at MWC event.

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