Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus : Samsung Unpacked two new devices

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Time has come, most awaiting devices by Samsung are about to launch in New York City.
Samsung has launched its mastermind devices named as Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Previously, it was know that Samsung will only launch Galaxy Note 5 in upcoming Event but at Samsung brings out its two High End Devices.
Galaxy Note 5


Initially according to the rumors, it expected that Galaxy Note 5 will have slimmer and thinner body accompanied with metal and glass coverage. After seeing the live model of device the doubt has been cleared. This device is really Attractive and beautiful.
On the other hand Galaxy note 5 has Display of 5.7inches Quad HD Display with Super AMOLED which meets the expectations and rumors too.

Galaxy Note 5 Can made out video at 4k and have optical image stabilization. The device has a volume keys high on the left edge and on the right power button. On the bottom device has a Space for S Stylus Pen.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is flat on the back and edges on both the sides which really make the device easy to hold.

According to Samsung, Galaxy note has Primary shooter of 16 megapixels with phase detection auto focus and front Camera will be of 5 megapixels.

Let’s move towards memory part it was predicted Note 5 may have 4GB of RAM with Octa-core Processor and the Device really hold it, no doubt this make device to work fast without interruption of much data load.

As we know this phone has slim metal and glass body so Samsung compromised on MicroSD Slot. The other High End Big Device Galaxy S6 edge+ was also a part of New York Event Held by Samsung.
Samsung Answered Apple that they can also bring out big device in which they are really specialized and they proved by launching Galaxy S6 edge+.
Galaxy S6 edge+ is meant for those who love big Screen single handed device and loves Samsung instead of iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 edge+ has 16 megapixels of Camera which is best fits on the device and brings out superb images. Video recording can be made out at 4k with optical image stabilization.
Galaxy S6 edge+ has a physical keyboard and when it is not in use, user can simply move it on the back. The device has People edge as a new entry. It is a shortcut on a Tab which let you use the contacts that are used more frequently.

Let’s move to memory part, it has 4 GB of RAM with Octa core Exynos processor that makes the device fast accompanied Android lollipop 5.1 operating system.

Samsung S6 Edge +

Injohn Rhee says about Samsung Pay that it is simple, safe and fun to use app. Samsung Pay work with regular card readers by sending special signals.
Device can make video at 4k. A new feature named as”periscope “is a part of both the devices. Now user can broadcast directly device to You Tube.

Samsung revealed GearS2 this device will come to IFA on September 3rd.
This is all out of the Event .Let’s wait for the Device to be in the market and in the Hands for more views.


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