Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro spotted on Zauba

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

We reported a few weeks ago that Samsung is working on a variant of the Galaxy A9 phone, namely A9 Pro, which is expected to be released in the Chinese market. Now, there are reports confirming the existence of this device. Samsung’s A9 Pro was imported to India recently for testing purpose and was listed with a 6 inch display.


As per reports, the price of this unit is reported to be $360 but this shouldn’t be taken as the indication of the actual price. Also, the import listing @Zauba revealed only the screen size of this phone and nothing else is shown. So, we still don’t have enough information about what the Galaxy A9 Pro will get from the manufacturer. However, some of the analysts suggest that this phone might be a Windows 10 variant of the Galaxy A9 phone.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

We know that Microsoft is losing its popularity on mobile phones with its mobile operating system, so we are not sure that Samsung will waste its resources on making a Windows 10 mobile smartphone. But we also know that last year both the Microsoft and Samsung team up together to bring the services of the former to the Galaxy lineup of the latter. So, we should not refuse to the possibility of a Windows 10 variant of the A9 phone.

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