Google softens Android ad-blocking stance

Google has now softened its stance on the ad blocking applications. The company appears to have reversed its decision of banning ad blockers from Google Play Store, this is a move which saw it pulling apps like Adblock Fast and stalling the updates for others such as Crystal as blocker.

Google Adblocker

This has resulted from two major add-ons which have previously been slowed down or rejected by this bureaucratic stance from Google. As per reports, the Adblock Fast is now made available on the Google Play Store after an appeal made directly to the search engine giant by a developer, Rocketship.

It is reported that Crystal, the rival of Google, also got an update approval after it was knocked back by Mountain View initially. Previously, Crystal was available on Google Play Store but as an old and less stable version. This move is related to the Google’s Policy which suggests that ad blocking applications violate its terms of service.

Google however is the only one who wants to allow ad blocking through browsers themselves rather than allowing the third party apps from switching off the advertisements remotely. It is a major breakthrough for users who want to use web in a simply way without having to waste time with the invasive advertisement.

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