Samsung will not make A10 processor for Apple

Apple iPhone 7

As per the latest reports, Apple will not ask Samsung to make A10 processor for its upcoming iPhone 7 handset. But it is expected to rely on the Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) to supply the A10 chip for this new flagship phone of the Cupertino’s giant.

We know that Samsung and TSMC together made the A9 chipset for the company last year for the iPhone 6S handset. However, there was sudden news that just after a week of launch of this handset it was claimed that the devices with Samsung’s chips outperformed in terms of the battery life in comparison to the TSMC’s component.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple refused to this claim but this latest report will surely bring this story into limelight. Apple and Samsung are still locked up for a final battle over the patent infringements, with the Korean giant looking forward to take their battle to the US Supreme court.

There are reports that the Cupertino’s giant has chosen TSMC because of its cutting edge technology, which will make the iPhone 7 much faster, efficient and productive than the previous phones from the company. However, it is also reported that this smartphone will not be under budget for most of the people around the globe. The sources even claim that five rich people in Europe will together be able to buy an iPhone 7 smartphone.

As per reports, this upcoming iPhone device will be launched in the autumn this year and rumors also suggest of a radically different design pattern. There will be an improved dual lens camera and the updated internal specifications.

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