Apple giving incentives to employees for selling more iPhone devices

Apple iPhone 7

As per reports, Apple is offering rewards to its App Store employees for selling more iPhone devices. It is reported that the rewards will be offered to the employees for making more iPhone sales between the period from 21st February till 26th March. Apple representatives will be rewarded with rewards such as all expense trips to Cupertino will be offered to those employees who sell highest number of iPhone devices in the region.

Apple rewards
Jesse Green, 15, from Stanmore showing joy as Apple workers applaud him for buying two new iPhones

It comes as a surprise to us but the App store employees are really excited for being rewarded by their employer. Apple on the other hand it calling this a way to celebrate the success of its iPhone. But to us it seems as a way to increase its iPhone sales, may be the sales record shown by the Cupertino’s giant is not true at all.

Also, if we check out the dates mentioned above then this is the same time when Samsung and LG are expected to announced their next generation flagship phones. Samsung will launch its upcoming Galaxy S7 phone on 21st February at the MWC event. So, we can also say that Apple has fear of losing up its sales to Samsung during this period. And this is the only reason that it has decided to reward its employees for making more sales of iPhone handsets.

Thus, besides the numbers from the Cupertino giant plateauing from previous year’s financial reports, the company also wants to get more sales through the launch of the S7 smartphone.

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