Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge goes through scratch and burn test

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is amongst the strongest devices available in the market in terms of its raw specifications. As per Samsung executive this smartphone is the best looking ever from the manufacturer but still there is a doubt on it. Looking at the device you might be flabbergasted but there is a little doubt on whether the company’s hardware design team has really made the Korean giant proud. Also, if a device can be easily damaged or misshapen, then the design efforts already lose much of their credibility.

JerryRigEverything, who is a YouTube user has put this device to test many times and the more professional one is the recent durability test on this handset. First, the user has assessed the scratch ability of the display of this smartphone using a measured scale, he noticed that the panel was held against the unwanted scratches, to a similar level of comparable handsets.

The rear facing camera with tough robust coating was rubbed against a sharp stanley knife. The flash module got hurt when given the same treatment but Samsung has already made an effort to protect it against the humdinger of the camera of S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7

When the S7 Edge phone was put against the burn test, some spots were reported on the display for a few seconds. These though caused a little damage but left it in the form of permanent bright patches. However, the S7 edge managed to hold itself together for the performance on the bend test which it passed with ease.

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