HTC 10 will get “World First, World Class” camera on front and back

HTC has released a marketing tagline, through which they have announced their new device, HTC 10. The tagline says that HTC’s 10 will get “World First, World Class” cameras both on the back and front of this smartphone. With these claims, we can expect this handset to be a first class and first world device.

There are also reports that “HTC 10” is not the official name of this handset but its executive teases that company’s 2016 model will release soon. HTC confirmed this at the MWC event held in the month of February in Barcelona. They also mentioned that the design of this device I focused on the camera, which was taken as a sigh of relief by the fans of the Taiwanese giant.

HTC 10

Recently, the company released its M line which is lacking behind in the camera department and the fans have started gazing into the Samsung and LG for photography purpose. If the HTC 10 will get a world class camera this means that it’s going to top the current contender, Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 phone might not look like much with the 12MP primary snapper but it also has the dual pixel technology which is never been used on a mobile phone before. This technology increases the visibility of its camera in low light conditions and makes the images crisper and clean. It’s the best camera on the mobile market today and HTC has to climb steep to reach to its level.

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