Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gold plated variant is now available for $1930

Samsung Galaxy S7 Gold

Karalux, who is a Vietnam’s luxury specialist is now offering a gold plated service for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones from Samsung. So, you can now upgrade from your 24K covered flagship phone from Samsung, which was released last year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Gold

For this year’s flagship phone, the Korean giant has moved from A7000 to A6000 grade aluminum. Karalux says that this move from Samsung has forced it to introduce changes to its manufacturing processes. Now, it’s time when it takes 6 hours over 10 separate stages to bring some extra efforts on blink for this premium device.

If you want to purchase a gold plated Samsung S7 in Vietnam, you can get it by paying VND 35 million which is around $1570. However, the international buyers on the other hand will bring you this smartphone at $1730. For Samsung’s S7 Edge phone, the price tags range from $1705 and $1930 for both local and global purchases made respectively.

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