LG G5 SE trademarked in South Korea

As per reports, LG is taking a move which can be categorized as copying an idea from Apple. The company has trademarked the name G5 SE for a phone in its home country, South Korea. It looks like there is atleast someone on this world that views SE suffix as a great branding. Apple will be flattened by this but on the other hand it will also become angry on the Korean giant, if the manufacturer actually launches a smartphone G5 SE.


Currently, we have no more information aside from the trademark filing mentioned above. In the end, we can assume LG not going with the LG moniker for its upcoming device as it can put the manufacturer in a major problem. There is also a chance that it might want to change what Apple planned for its next generation flagship phone. However, in our opinion LG might think of releasing a smartphone which is smaller in comparison to the normal G5 phone.

LG has even created the logo for this device, which can be seen above and might be used for the trademark filing involving the G5 SE. Check out the best and cheap pay monthly deals for LG G5 SE available from various retailers in UK.

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