Apple will make iPhone 7 extremely thin

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6S Plus were thicker in comparison to their predecessors Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As per reports, both the smartphone rose in thickness by 0.2 mm due to the new 3D Touch feature which was missing in the prior versions of these handsets. The iPhone 6S is 7.1 mm thick, which is up from the 6.9 mm thickness in iPhone 6 measures. Apple iPhone 6S Plus is 7.3 mm thick in comparison to the prior version which was 7.1 mm.

Apple iPhone 7

However, the new rumors reveal that Apple will make its next generation flagship phone iPhone 7 a bit thinner in comparison to the aforementioned models. It is reported that this next iteration of Apple iconic phone will measure between 6mm and 6.5 mm. The Cupertino’s giant has removed the 3.5 mm headjack, which has given it a chance to make its upcoming smartphone iPhone 7 even more svelte.

It was being hoped by the analysts that Apple will use this extra space to put their a higher capacity battery and not just to make the phone thinner. There was a picture leaked out last month which allegedly shows that the battery of iPhone 7 will get 6.5% of increase in watthours from 6.61 WHr on iPhone 6S cell to 7.04 Whr.

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