Brokerage house surveyed Apple’s iPhone

Apple iPhone

Piper Jaffray, which is the Brokerage firm checks the pulse of teens twice a year by conducting a survey after every six months. With this the firm tries to keep its fingers on the pulse of the teen market. This time the firm surveyed 6500 teens lying between the age group of 16.5. These teenagers were asked about their preferences in smartphones and 69 percent of the teens own an Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone

It is reported that the percentage has now gone up 1 point from the reading taken six months ago. Also, the percentage point of teens recorded over last six months, who expect that the next generation flagship phone of Apple will get its logo on the back, has gone up. Now, the new reports reveal that 75% of the teenagers surveyed say that their next smartphone will be an Apple iPhone and 19% of them said that their next phone will come powered by Android.

As per reports, teen ownership of tablets is a little more spread out with around 48% of those surveyed use an Apple iPad. This shows a decline from 50% of the teens who already own this model six months ago. The reports reveal that around 16% of the teens own an Apple iPad Mini which is up 1 percentage point over the last six months. Half of the teens said that their next tablet will be an iPad while 13% said that their next tablet will be an iPad Mini.

14% of the teens surveyed revealed that their next tablet will be an Android, and 19% of the teens say that their next tablet will be powered by Windows. This is down from 23% of the teens surveyed are the ones who were refusing to use a Windows tablet a year ago.

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