Grryo photographer social media posts sample pictures of HTC 10

HTC 10

HTC made some great promises for the camera of its next flagship phone, HTC 10. And with its launch we are quite hopeful that the company will provide us with a top class camera for its new handset. HTC has packed its next generation flagship phone with a 12MP UltraPixel camera with OIS technology, laser autofocus features on board.

HTC 10 Sample

HTC 10 Sample (1)

For the very first time the optical image stabilization feature is added to the front facing camera of this handset. A social media for photographers, called grryo has now posted a number of photo samples which are clicked using the new HTC 10 phone. It is reported that Grryo has now published a blog post, which explains about the experience of bunch of its photographers who had their hands-on the HTC 10 phone for a few days. They were asked to take this phone for a ride around their hometowns landmarks.

HTC 10 Sample (2)

HTC 10 Sample (3)

HTC 10 Sample (4)

Currently, we can see photos clicked from three different cities but the post claims that there will be some more images posted in the future. It also encourages its readers to follow hashtags #HTC10 and #PowerOf10. Recently, we saw HTC partnering with photography community EyeEm to promote the dual camera equipped phone Huawei P9 in a similar way.


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