Motorola “Affinity” being tested, might be Moto E

Motorola’s upcoming third generation Moto E details have now surfaced online as the courtesy on Zauba. This phone is named “Affinity” and is listed to come with a 5 inch display and will be priced at just $78.

This price is not the retailer’s price for this smartphone but it gives an indication that this upcoming phone, codenamed “Affinity” is a low-budget device. Currently, Moto E 2nd generation comes with a 4.5 inch display so we can expect the upcoming model to grow a bit in size.

Moto E3 Zauba

The Moto E 3rd generation will be larger in size to accommodate a fingerprint scanner, which has become a common thing in the smartphones these days. As per the Lenovo executive, who said in January that all the 2016 Moto models will get fingerprint scanner. So, we are also hoping the next generation Moto E phone to come with a fingerprint scanner built-in.

Currently, Motorola is prepared to unveil its Moto G5 and G4 Plus phone on 9th June. We can expect the new Moto E3 to come in spotlight after that.

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