Apple iPhone SE supply falls short

Apple iPhone

Apple recently released its iPhone SE smartphone, which is an updated version to the previous iPhone 5S. It is rolled out as the budget smartphone of the manufacturer and is provided with a smaller size. As per reports, Apple newest release is incurring a great demand.

Apple iPhone SE

This smartphone is attracting all those who still prefer the old days with powerful iPhones in a smaller package. Tim Cook mentioned during the announcement of the quarterly results of the company that the iPhone SE is falling short of supply at the moment. It is reported that the demand for this phone has exceeded the expectations of everyone.

The CEO, Tim Cook, stated that “We’re thrilled with the response that we’ve seen on it”. He added to his statement that “It’s clear that there is a demand there that’s much beyond what we though, which is why we have the constraint that we have”. The head of Apple also said that they are working hard to solve the bottleneck of this supply and the iPhone SE will soon be made available on a broad basis to all those who are interested.

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