Will Apple’s iPhone 7 get Wireless Charging?

Apple iPhone 7

Some mocked up blueprints revealing the look of iPhone 7 were leaked online. These images are unofficial and are completely based on rumors rather than on the concrete facts. As we can see clearly in the pictures, the blueprints show the forthcoming handset with a Smart Connector on its back. It is reported that this is the port found on both the models of iPad Pro and is used to connect a keyboard.

Apple iPhone 7

According to the source, this port will allow the iPhone 7 handset to support wireless charging. Logitech has recently rolled out a charging dock which juices the iPad Pro through the Smart Connector. For this, you will not need to plug in a cable to the Lightning port but instead will be required to place the tablet on the dock and just let it juice up.

If you charge via the Smart Connector then you will be keeping the Lightning port free to be used for headphones. This will enable you to listen to the tunes of your choice without disturbing anyone while charging your smartphone.

There are rumors that Apple might ditch the headphone port on the iPhone 7 in order to make the handset slimmer. However, this is just a rumor for now and we are not sure about it.

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