Samsung has a new app “Voices of Life” for premature babies


Parents who give birth to a premature baby find it quite a stressful experience as they are not able to hold their newborn baby. However, it is hard for the infants as well as they are now outside the womb but still alone in an incubator.

As per the latest reports, Samsung is working on a solution to make premature babies feel closer to their mother. It is reported that this connection with mother is important for the mental health of the baby. But a premature birth limits the interaction between the baby and mother. In order to tackle this issue, Samsung plans a new application “Voices of Life”.

Samsung App

In short, this is a speaker system which connects to an application. Using this app, the mother will be able to record her heart beat using the heart rate sensor on Samsung smartphones. Additionally, one can record voice which means that you can talk to the baby, can sing songs for him or can even read stories. Further, one can also use this application from anywhere. This application can simply be used to read a bedtime story from home for your baby, who might be at the hospital.

Samsung Phone

Samsung’s new app customizes everything to make it look like the baby is listening to everything from mother from inside the womb. This makes a muffled sound which is though not so clear but is something which the baby is used to. It will also make the transition easy until the premature baby is ready to come home.

Currently, there are no details on the release date of this smartphone but we are expecting to hear something from the Korean giant soon. Samsung might also release this app for the medical field and try to get some partners.

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