Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will get a 2K display


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 is expected to get officially announced by this summer and we already know that this smartphone might get a USB Type C port. But now there are also rumors that the phone might also come as an absolute powerhouse.

As per the leaked specifications from China, the Galaxy Note 6 phablet will get a 5.77 inch 2K display, which is on par with the previous generation phablet, Galaxy Note 5. This phablet was not made available on sale in UK ever.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung’s phablet will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 chipset, which is an upgraded variant of Snapdragon 820 chip also found inside the Galaxy S7 phone. Samsung Note 6 will come packed with a 6 GB RAM for faster processing and 256GB internal storage. There will be a 4,200 mAh battery and will be made waterproof by the manufacturer.

As we know, the note phablets of the Korean giant always come with some beefy specifications but even by its own standards the specs on Note 6 is impressive. 

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