Xiaomi Mi 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7

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As we already know, Xiaomi is a big manufacturer in China, which started by manufacturing Appla’e Clones and selling them for easily affordable prices. Now, the company has moved past that stage and is working hard to bring its new flagship phones to the market. And recently Xiaomi has rolled out its next generation flagship phone, Xiaomi Mi 5.

However, Xiaomi’s Mi 5 is currently not made officially available in United States and Europe but the users at these regions can get this smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer on eBay shipped directly from China. You should also keep in mind that like the major brands Apple or Samsung, you are getting no service for this newly released smartphone in US or Europe. This means if you shatter your screen or some other problem occurs on this handset, you have to rely on the third party repair shops which will require you to make payment from your pocket and waiting longer to get your phone repaired.

We can say that this is a major drawback in owning a Xiaomi phone and this should be considered before buying this smartphone. Now, let’s discuss about the performance and life of the newly released Mi 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Design and Appearance:

As far the design Is concerned, both the Mi 5 and Galaxy S7 phones are provided with a stylish and beautiful design along with a tapered back. These smartphones are provided with a metal frame, fingerprint scanner and give a sold feel.

It will not be wrong to ask the question that who came first the hen or the egg? As both the phones are having similar design. Both these handsets look similar to a large degree and can be compared in size. And yes, you can already hear the angry crowd shouting at the Chinese manufacturer for copying again but you should not be so judgmental so soon.

Samsung Galaxy S7 shares the looks of the predecessor Galaxy S6 and the looks might let you think that the Xiaomi has copied the design for Mi 5 from the Samsung’s phones. However, this is no true as the manufacturer released its Mi Note with tapered glass back and metal frame before Samsung Galaxy design was rolled out in 2015 Spring.

Now, we should concentrate on the specifications of both these smartphones. Xiaomi’s Mi 5 is lighter and thinner in these two handsets. It is remarkable to find that how light this smartphone is and despite it has a slightly slimmer body but it’s slimness is quite noticeable. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is quite easy to hold in hand with a much more solid feel and is built like a tank. The tapered back makes both these handsets rest comfortably on your hand.

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Also, both these phones are fingerprint magnets with a glass back which doesn’t come as a surprise. If we go in details, we would say that the back on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is a bit messier in comparison to the Xiaomi’s Mi 5 handset.

With the physical buttons, a hard-to-press button could not be a dealbreaker but it might become quite annoying. Xiaomi’s Mi 5 has a volume and power keys on the right side of this phone, which actually feels like the right way to position these keys. These keys are light to press but once you are used to it becomes very comfortable. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a volume key on the left and power key on the right. All these buttons have a remarkable, clicky feel, though these keys are not light to press at all.

Both these handsets feature a fingerprint scanner right below the display of these phones. The button on the Mi 5 phone is slimmer while on the other hand the Galaxy S7 has a larger key but both work extremely well. The Mi 5 from the Chinese manufacturer is a bit faster and is almost a bit shocking to see the homescreen appear on the right side of this handset once you register your fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, the S7 phone will get a lock screen for a short and then you will be taken to the homescreen which is a bit slower.


Samsung Galaxy S7 has accurate colors while on the other hand Mi 5 has an amazing high brightness that animates everything. The Korean giant has provided its flagship phone with a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED Quad HD display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. On the other hand the Mi 5 has been provided with a vivid 5.15 inch Full HD LCD display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution.

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