Pret A Manger Ultimately Accepts Android Pay’s Imminent UK Launch

Pret A Manger, the popular fast food chain, finally accepts the Android Pay, a part of Google Mobile Payments, recommending an imminent introduction of the Google mobile payment service in the UK, in accordance with the tags on the payment terminals in one of its outlets in London.

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The system of Android Pay is the second attempt of Google for encouraging users for using their mobile phone for contactless payments, which was already launched last September in the US.

In March, Google declared that it would launch Android Pay system in the UK within some months, yet it did not provide an appropriate date of release.

As per employees at this specific Pret store, the tags on accepting Android Pay have come overnight and have been shown in various stores from the morning, and it suggests that Android Pay is going to be available imminently to the customers of the UK.

It indicates a prime improvement to the industry of mobile payment services, as more than half of Android smartphones sold in the UK.

The similar technology of Apple Pay has been applied for Android Pay, which enables users for loading the details of their MasterCard debit or credit card and Visa Card on to a mobile phone set up with an NFC (Near Field Communication) microchip.

The shoppers who use smartphones will now be able paying at retailers provided with a terminal of contactless payment, with the identity verification done by the fingerprint reader of their smartphone. The stores which will now accept Android Pay system are – Waitrose, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Boots and Pret. In fact you can utilize the Android Pay system on Transport services in London also, such as buses and the Tube.

In accordance with Google, Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards will be supported by Android Pay from most of the major financial institutions of the UK – including Nationwide Building Society, MBNA, M&S Bank, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Halifax, First Direct, and Bank of Scotland – with other new banks included every time.

In addition to competition from Apple Pay, which has considered a previous lead in the mobile payment services, Android Pay will also face the similar opposition from Samsung, the smartphone giant.

The UK is now appeared as an arena for several mobile payment services due to the large availability of contactless payments and the high opening of card payments as well. However, no comment of Google has been found on the imminent release of Android Pay in the UK.

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