Samsung Could Skip the Name Galaxy Note 6 with Galaxy Note 7

According to a Korean report, the forthcoming Galaxy Note Phablet of Samsung will be named Note 7 instead of Note 6. As per rumours, Samsung wants maintaining the constancy by following up the introduction of Galaxy S7 with the introduction of Galaxy Note 7.
Though not in the UK the last Note launched device was Galaxy Note 5, reasonably it was anticipated that the upcoming Galaxy Note would be named Note 6. Nevertheless, as per a Korean report, Samsung is naming its forthcoming Note device as Note 7 for taking benefit of the popularity of its Galaxy S7 order-up.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung aims for widening the gap between Apple and itself by keeping the name constant with its Galaxy Note order-up. The company also wants capitalizing on how highly expected the upcoming Galaxy Note smartphone is. Meanwhile, Galaxy Note 7 would likewise be launched as a powerful competitor to iPhone 7 Plus Phablet which will be introduced later this year. The naming similarity would place both mobiles on a similar footing in the buyers’ minds, in spite of powerful brand loyalty among lots of mobile users.

A source report said when Galaxy Note 6 was launched, it could provide out a feeling of an outdated mobile. It was known that Samsung made the numbers similar for unifying a premium image.

Nevertheless, it might all come to nothing if Galaxy Note 7, similar to the Galaxy Note 5, fails appearing in the UK. Well, nothing has been heard till now from Samsung except the fact that the company claims that the Galaxy Note 6 will be really introduced in the UK.

According to a source, Samsung has no plan for launching its Galaxy S7 Edge+ mobile and it will instead launch its chief Phablet Galaxy Note 6 in the UK.

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