Huawei Aims to launch Its First Daydream VR-Compatible Phone in autumn


Richard Yu, Director at Huawei, speaking to The Wall Street Journal, confirmed that the company will introduce a new VR-compatible smartphone in autumn this year, and this phone will function with recently introduced Daydream VR of Google. However, with patience they are going to take part in this long-distance race.

Last month, Google had listed out Huawei among many phone makers which will be capable to support Daydream VR. During its I/O conference, Google declared that Daydream VR will run on Android smartphones and the search giant has already certified the Nexus 6P as the first phone for supporting Daydream.

According to chip-maker ARM, its latest Mali G71 GPU and Cortex-A73 processor will allow smartphones for running VR. It is probable that many VR-compatible smartphones will contend for attention either by next year or later this year, if superior phone makers adopt this new chip for their smartphones. ARM’s aim is redefining AR and VR experiences on Android. In the smartphone market, the demand of customers has no slowdown and thus, users want to experience new features.


According to a company spokesperson, they are pleased to provide the complete mobile VR experience on Daydream with the range of display processors, Mali GPUs and video. Additionally ARM will enable its leading silicon partners for shipping their first wave of Daydream-compatible devices. So, among all phones, only the first VR-compatible smartphone of Huawei will feature ARM GPUs and chips designed particularly for supporting Daydream VR.

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO at Huawei, has declared that the organization aimed a particular annual income by 2020 with its launch of Daydream VR. This annual revenue will match the dream of the company to become the biggest seller of premium quality smartphones globally in the upcoming years.


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