How to move data to microSD card in an android devices

As we all known that Android is an operating system for smart phones and tablets. One of the best features of the Android OS is that the users can make changes in any file in its system. User can save the pictures in SD card if don’t want the file into the device.

First of all, the user has to make sure that the device has an SD card. If the place is available in the device for external card. Then make sure you have inserted one. So, that one can move the data to the card or the other way to check SD card on the device is, the user can go to device settings and then to storage feature. Information of SD card will be available there. If you are unable to see any information regarding SD card it means your device doesn’t support it.

Another step is to check the device has file explorer app. many of the devices have file explorer app by default. These programs let the user to move documents to file or folders on the computer. If file explorer is not available try to find and install it on the device. The user can install any of the file explorers on the device via Goggle play store.

  • Install a file explorer app and tap on the icon and open it.
  • Switch to device internal memory. Some of the file explorers display the device memory as tablet or phone memory. If it cannot display in this way. Then “storage” must be mentioned there.
  • Next, step is to navigate the data to the folders. Basically, your photo’s location depends upon the app you used to take the pictures. Most of the app creates folders of its own and save pictures. These folders are names after the apps. So these are not very hard to find. Photo clicked by the device camera are saved in DCIM folder by default. Therefore, it is not difficult to search.
  • Another important step is to move the pictures. Open the folder, select the pictures and now move to the desired folder.
  • Now, tap on the app Menu and clip the Move option. So, that all the data will move to the folder. The functions are similar with third party explorer apps.
  • Another step is to go to SD card memory and click the button move.
  • Now navigate to the place where the user want move the photos to. Find or create the folder .
  • Last step is to paste the pictures. Once you have created a desired place. Then open the app in menu and paste the pictures from Android to SD card.

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