iPhone 7 Rumour: Apple to Make Newest Handset $100 Less Expensive

A very essential thing appeared last day and it was the largest involvement missed by a lot of individuals. That exciting thing was that Apple made the iPhone 7 $100 less costly.

Following the enchanting news provided by the Wall Street Journal which confirmed that the iPhone 7 would end the 16GB entry level tier in favour of a 32GB handset.

The announcement also supports a lot of smaller leaks that are already reporting this sudden change, yet by far the Wall Street Journal is the most effective website for speaking out and its track record is just noteworthy. Like other sources, it is also claimed by the Wall Street Journal that Apple will revamp the other iPhone tiers so out goes 16GB, 64GB or 128GB in favour of 32GB, 128GB or 256GB model.

This must work out in the following way:

iPhone 7: $849 for 256GB model, $749 for 128GB model and $649 for 32GB model. So, you must have the query how this can make iPhone 7 $100 less expensive.

Well, with the introduction of the iPhone 6S, it can be said that the 16GB handset was then not utilizable because of its increased video and camera resolutions and it pressurized millions of users for paying $100 more for the 64GB handset.

See the breakdown below to know how it comes:

  • 12MP images are 3 to 4MB, live images double that to 7-8MB
  • Every minute a 4K video consumes 375MB, whereas 1080p video consumes 200MB per minute
  • Size of an iTunes HD movie is 3-4GB
  • Every iOS game can utilize up to 4GB of space
  • iOS requires circa 1GB free space to update
  • iOS consumes 3GB leaving only 13GB before you begin

So, you can see that every way of this breakdown for your personal usage process, a 16GB iPhone leaves things amazingly tight, particularly with the average ownership period now more than 2 years.

But the above mentioned everything has been changed with the launch of a base model iPhone 7. For instance, you will get 28GB of free space for starting with and 6GB for applications leaving 22GB for images or videos, which must prove enough for the general customers.

Additionally, these advantages carry on the tiers. Dedicated customers will always purchase the best quality model, yet 128GB at the mid-tier is beneficent and more than ample to prevent millions of consumers from paying excess for 256GB that they are never likely for filling.

However, as the sales are falling every year, Apple may be counting on this for the first ever time in iPhone history, even if it prices them $100.

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