Rumoured Apple A10 Chip for iPhone 7 Arrives on GeekBench

Apple iPhone 7 (1)

This is the time of the year when we wait for new mobiles from different manufacturers and leaks and rumours also keep coming up. These all leaks keep us entertained and fueled. Previously, we have found many leaks of iPhone 7, especially about its design and specifications. However, the components are still not known, except the A10 chip, the name of the SoC.

A10 geekbench

This new leaks provide us some understanding regarding the all-new A10 chip. The 3 single score leak of GeekBench shows us that this A10 chip released the same scores as the A9X. Every individual knows that Apple does not focus on specifications, such as the RAM or the clock speeds, however, since the Apple A9; Apple chips have incredible industry leading single core functionality.

This year in question, by the looks of things, the A10 SoC is solely being manufactured by TSMC. As 10nm procedure is TSMC is still growing, A10 will be manufactured same as A9X, i.e. on a 16nm node. The industry scores still proclaim that the manufacturing procedure of A10 will not be similar to A9X and indicate at something named a fan-out production strategy. Avoiding its technical description, its finishing result is a reduction of the whole footprint of the chip. Possibly, that could make for a slimmer device or rather – more space for battery, which rumours recommend will be the case with the iPhone 7.

Additionally, a reliable as well as traditional Weibo source also mentioned that the A10 chip is going to retain the dual core setup of its predecessor as well. This is completely reasonable, because Apple is venturing on single core functionality and all the present applications in the App Store are optimized and designed in an appropriate way.

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