Samsung launches its new Galaxy S7 Edge Olympics Games Limited Edition

Samsung S7 Olympics (1)

Samsung made the Olympic Games Limited Edition of Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone official a week ago. The manufacturer announced that this smartphone will be available for purchase in selected countries only such as Brazil, United States, China, Korea and Germany. Also, in order to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics held in August in Rio de Janeiro, the Korean giant has made exactly 2,016 handsets available in each nation.

Samsung S7 Olympics (1)

You should keep in mind that there is no regular version of the Galaxy S7 Olympic Games Edition so if for some reason you don’t like the dual curve design of the S7 Edge phone then you might get out of luck. Also, as it is a limited edition so you should hurry up and buy one if it’s the phone of your dreams.

Samsung has done the same thing in the past as well where as a Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment section it first introduced limited Olympic Games edition device in 1998. This device was introduced in order to tie in with Nagano 1998 Olympic Winter Games. However, the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition represents that the manufacturer has rolled out a device with a themed Edition for the first time ever. This phone is also provide with a preloaded Olympic Games related interface and application.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Limited Edition incorporates the Olympic Games themed design into the phone’s design. This handset has a custom made colorway pattern which has been designed in a manner to make them look similar to the Olympic rings. The phone comes in black and dark blue color option adorned with various elements in the five colors of the Olympic rings including blue, red, yellow, green and black.

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There is a blue theme in the back camera, sensors and flash of this phone. The power button is red, volume button is green and the receiver and home key are yellow in color. However, the device itself is provided with a distinctive black colored look. The user interface including the lock screen and the notification bar also features Olympic elements while the packaging which has a re-usable pouch is custom made.

It is reported that the colors of the Olympic Rings are also featured in the user interface of this phone both in the home and lock screen. The colors can also be found in the message, contact and dial screens as well as the notification bar.

There is an option for the users to decorate the Olympic motifs from a selection of pre- loaded Rio 2016 themed wallpapers. Samsung has developed the new 3D Flag application ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Users can now launch the application which comes pre-loaded on the device to make their choice. Owners of this smartphone can also display the flag of their country on their Olympic Games Limited Edition phone’s radiant screen which is idol for the fans all over the world.

This limited edition is not only unique in itself but also the packaging of the S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is worthy to note. Samsung has designed a pouch type carrier for this handset which can be used for a variety of purposes and is a memorable souvenir of Rio 2016. The Korean giant has partnered with International Olympic Committee (IOC) to provide a total of 12,500 Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition phones along with the Gear IconX devices to athletes competing at Rio 2016.


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