Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat might be rolled out by next month

Android 7.0

As we know, Google is currently working on the next major Android update, which is expected to be named Android 7.0 Nougat. Now, there are reports that the search giant is pushing this Android update to be released hopefully by next month only. Those who are keeping a track of the next generation Android, will not argue on the search engine giant is pushing things a bit faster this time.

It is reported that instead of waiting for Google I/O 2016, the first developer preview builds of this OS was released on 9th March, which was two months earlier than expected. It was just after the popular crows- sourced naming campaign that Android 7.0 received its official name, Nougat. However, the title was not made public until 1st July.

So, we can say that Google is definitely on a new schedule this time and its main goal is to get this OS into the hands of developer’s as soon as possible. The search giant is working hard on perfecting and adding features on the go and dealing with PR. Now, as the fifth and final preview build for this OS version is released everybody is anticipating the official release of this software.

Android Nougat

A new report by Evan Blass claims that Google will release Android 7.0 by next month, with the 8/5 security patch. It is also revealed by @evleaks that Sony Nexus 5 owners will not receive the Android 7.0 update on their smartphone. This could be something that might annoy the users of this phone. However, the other news saying that this software will be rolled out by next month are great and fits with some third-party update schedules that we are already hearing. Another rumor says that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 phone will come running on the latest Android Nougat. We are expecting this smartphone to be released for its fans on 2nd August, which is not that far now.

Evan Blass also says that the Nexus users will be the first one in line to taste this new desert. Google is expected to offer official support to each device which came out after Nexus 5. This news makes the owners of three-year-old handset sad, but we cannot really blame Google for moving on. Also, the modding community is sure to hook this update with the ROMs soon.

As we know, Android Nougat is still under development and features from preview builds don’t always make it in full and to the very last one in a final release. Currently, we can’t provide you with a list of new features coming with this software version with any certainty. However, there are quite a few potential candidates which are being added to this new Android version.

Android 7.0

For example, Nexus 6P beta testers will get something called Sustained Performance Mode (SPM), which will allow the app developers to inform the system of the resources a certain task will take up, as well the duration and will also get Android manage to load better and save some battery. There are also some signs showing a new seamless OS update feature, which uses the second partition for the process effectively. After it’s done it gets switched over to it without waiting for long time.

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