Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will launch in Europe on 2nd September

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As per reports, unlike the past smartphones from the Korean giant, the new Galaxy Note 7 will be launched in Europe at the same time in Europe as in US. It is reported that the phone will be available on pre-order in US starting tomorrow and the phone will be out on 19th August, while on the other hand it will go on pre-order in Europe on 16th August and will be available in stock on 2nd September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7#

This reveals that the new Samsung phone will be delayed in UK for two weeks than in US but considering its predecessor the Note 5, was not launched in Europe initially and made it to Europe early this year. It is needless to say that the Korean company will not make that mistake again.

In UK, one online retailer has already revealed that the recommended retail price for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be £699. So, those who want to get their hands-on this smartphone should start saving before September approaches. The users in UK will also get some freebies along this handset including a 256GB microSD card and a new Gear VR.

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