Google Maps adds Wi-Fi and microSD capabilities to offline maps


According to the latest reports, a new update has been added to the Wi-Fi setting of the Android version of Google Maps. This will allow this application to work only when you smartphone is currently in use and is connected to the Wi-Fi signal. With this setting enabled, Google Maps will not pull the data from a cellular network but from a Wi-Fi pipeline. This will save the users from burning their data on getting directions. However, you should keep in mind that only those areas where you have to work offline are eligible with this setting toggled on.

This new update will also allow the users of Google Maps to save their off-line areas to a microSD card. It will help all those users who are using a phone with a low storage space to use all of it on offline maps. However, this new feature will not work if your smartphone doesn’t support a microSD card.

Google Maps

Finally, the update will also allow Android users in three Indonesian cities to compare their prices from ride-sharing service GO-JEK to Uber. It is reported that ten more cities will get this update soon. Also, there are reports that 24 cities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Poland will be able to compare the prices from rise-sharing service Grab. Also, the cities in Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Israel and Russia can now see side-by-side pricing for Hailo, My Taxi and Gett.

As per reports, this update will be hitting your Android powered handset in some time but you can try to update your smartphone manually. For updating the Google Maps, you need to go to the Google Play Store. Just click on the hamburger menu in the upper left of the display. In order to update Google Maps, you need to go to my apps & games. Then scroll down to Google Maps and click on Update.


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