Apple iPhone 7 documents hint at front flash

Apple iPhone 7

One of the iPhone 7 manufacturing units have allegedly leaked out some assembly instructions, which also show a diagram of the upcoming Apple phone. One thing that seems odd is the first image, D12 reveals a strobe lens and LED. However, it’s not sure what does “strobe lens” means but it’s also mentioned for the main camera on the back of this handset.

Apple iPhone 7

It’s the LED part which is quite interesting but we are not sure that the iPhone 7 has a selfie camera or not. If we look at the leaked pictures, we find that there is an LED on the front, so we can say that D12 refers to the screen, which is used in iPhone 6S as ‘flash’.

Other specifications of this handset are identical to the previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S phones. Apple is experimenting with the same design for three years now, and brings just a minor redesign of the antenna lines and the amputation of the headphone jack.

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