Apple planning for a black iPhone 7 Plus phone

Apple iPhone 7

A new iPhone 7 rumor has surfaced online along with another twist to the never-ending mystery, which is listed in the upcoming smartphone lineup of the manufacturer. We can be receiving more leaks on the phone as we are getting more close to the September. Apple has set 7th September as the date when it will roll out the new iPhone 7 handset to the market.

Apple iPhone 7 Black

Today, a few shots of the iPhone 7 from the Cupertino’s giant have appeared online showing that this phone will get a black colored sibling, iPhone 7 Plus. It will sport a 5.5-inch display with a dual camera setup, POGO pins on the back of this handset to add a finishing touch to the mix, which is colored in black.

If we stick to the original theory about the three iPhone 7 models then the alleged “Plus” and “Pro” being 5.5-inch handsets, this one will definitely fit as the highest tier device in the mix. However, we last heard about only two versions of this handset. The bigger one will be equipped with the dual camera but there will be no POGO pins. And if the quantity of the smartphone is something to go by then we can take it as confirmed as we received the same information from another source yesterday.


So, we thought that it’s better for us to concentrate in the photos only and what they appear to showcase with confidence. Though this is not the first time we are hearing of the possibility of a black color option along with other colors such as deep blue. So, the black iPhone doesn’t come as a surprise not even as a shock. However, this color option makes the iPhone 7 look more stylish and complete with the little details such as shade of the antenna bands.

Another feature supposed to come in this smartphone is a 3.5 mm jack on the bottom of this handset along with two grills. Currently, the leaks show that there could also be an audio jack and stereo speakers.

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