Apple iPhone 6 SE box photographed

Apple iPhone 6SE

Apple’s iPhone 6 SE got photographic evidence confirming the actual name of this upcoming model of the company. There are reports that these pictures come from the China and show no signs of photoshopping. The pictures show the box of this upcoming smartphone, which show the specs of this handset. However, most of the specs on the back of this box are now wiped out. So, there is no easy way to tell whether the photographed box is a follow-up of the iPhone SE or it’s just the one being called iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 6SE box

The iPhone SE was launched in March, which was just a few months ago. So, it’s early to replace this handset. It is reported that this smartphone will get the re-designed 5s hardware but buyers will be upset to know that their next 4 inch iPhone will become obsolete in just a year after purchase.

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