Snapdragon Vs. Exynos Processor

Samsung S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 has awesome features.These high end devices launched in New York City and some awesome features.At the same; Galaxy Note 5 has similar Features like Galaxy S6 edge+ has latest operating system of Android Lollipop with 4 GB of RAM. So speed is not an issue with Device.

Samsung galaxy S6 edge+ lacks on one side it does not have expandable memory. There is no memory Card slot in the device. Device has big display and amazing Camera Quality which none of the Smartphone hold as claimed by Samsung Company.

You will be little shocked that why..??? I have discussed camera , memory and Ram while talking about snapdragon or Exynos processor as performance of all these is somewhere interrelated with processor too.exynos-snapdragon

Now let me explain you some of the benefits of snapdragon as well as Exynos and this will help you which phone to buy with which processor.

If you looking  a device for  computing process with excess of data and processor resources than Exynos is best but at the same if u looking a device for gaming , other multimedia purposes than undoubtedly snapdragon is one for you.

So let’s wait and watch to have this device s in hand and let’s see how much Samsung has met the expectation of people.

This time Samsung Device doesn’t have snapdragon processor. Will Exynos be lucky for Samsung…..?????

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