HTC fails to deliver timely updates on HTC One A9

HTC One A9

HTC unveiled its One A9 phone on 20th October, 2015 and disseminated a promising message through a tweet via twitter. This message read that the unlocked version of the One A9 phone will receive Google software update within 15 days after the update was first received by the Nexus devices. Since most of the Android updates are first released for the Nexus phones.  So, the Taiwanese giant was trying to use this promise as a selling point to aim at the Android users who are highly frustrated with long waits for receiving updates on their device.

Now, there are reports that the company revealed its updating schedule for Google new Android 7.0 version and said that the HTC One A9 phone will receive the software update once its released for HTC 10 handset in the fourth quarter of the year. We are not considering when will HTC 10 receive the update but One A9 will surely receive the Android Nougat in more than 15 days after the Nexus devices received it. Also, it doesn’t sound like the Taiwanese giant is guilty of failing to live up to its promise.

HTC promise

In a statement released yesterday, HTC explained that “With the excitement around Android Nougat, We’re aligning engineering resources around our most popular flagship products where the most customers will benefit.” This statement has completely failed to mention the 15-day promise which was made by HTC at the time of launching One A9 handset.

However, this is not the first time HTC failed to live up to its promises about the updates. Back in 2014 also, the manufacturer promised that its HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 will be updated to Android 5.0 in 90 days of receiving the update form Google. But HTC failed to live up to its promise, and now repeating the same situation after 2 years. With this we can expect a time to come when consumers will hardly believe in anything HTC has to tell them.

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