Apple to dump the Headphone Jack: Are We Ready for It?

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Apple will possibly ditch its headphone jack in iPhone 7, according to latest rumours. The unfortunate thing is that the headphone jack is really a good connector and you can plug it anywhere, be it in your smartphone, tablet or computer.

People nowadays spend most of their times in listening music by plugging their headphones into their smartphones, which are the basic music devices for this generation.
However, Apple is strongly rumoured for being planning for ditching the 3.5mm standard at its launch event of the iPhone 7 on Wednesday, 7th September. So, it will possibly put a great impact on the market, especially on Samsung who has continued fitting the socket to its devices.
But why would Apple ditch its user-friendly, useful and handy headphone jack? Different options or reasons are there:
Lightning Port:
In an iPhone’s bottom, the Lighting Port is already able to output audio and is required for power, thus, if one of the 2 has to go for saving some space, the 3.5mm jack receives the boot.
This port also provides Apple much more control over its accessories, as for using it you might need to apply for a certification and licence from Apple under its MFi scheme.
Recently every Apple device is coming with a Lightning port. This port can not only output a video, data or audio, but also works like a 3.5mm jack to listen to a smartphone and its completely digital.
The prime issue is that you can’t plug the Lightning Port into Macs or you have to forget about hooking these up to even a stereo.

apple-iphone- ightning
Well, this Lightning connector is not the only rival of the headphone jack. USB-C is another competitor of it. This new connector is meant for newly launched Android or iOS devices. The interesting fact is that you can use it in more than only a smartphone.
Like Lightning connector, USB-C also has an audio quality benefit. It also carries digital audio directly to the headphones.
Bluetooth headphones:
When Apple is ditching the headphone jack, a well-established standard connector is already there which doesn’t require a new connector: Bluetooth. Presently, on-ear and over-ear Bluetooth headphones are the most popular ones.

This is the ultimate option that is available for every different variety of headphones and can simply convert the USB-C or the Lightning Port into a 3.5mm socket.
Well, none of the above-mentioned options are as easy and compatible as the user-friendly 3.5mm headphone jack, although the wireless headphones are surely more convenient. The removal of this standard connector should be compensated with something as better, if not; else there is really no advantage for the customers.

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